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When my parents call me "you stupid boy" I just laugh it off. 

But then again I am a huge fan of Dad's Army, to whom Captain Mainwairing regularly lambasted the hapless Private Pike with the catchphrase. 


What began as a few posters of the characters and a couple of my grandfather's war medals has now spilled over into my father's former shed and workshop in the back garden. But not just the one shed; oh no! - A hidden treasure, a life size street display transports visitors back to the 1940s where they can once again purchase traditional sweets by the quarter and smell the smells of carbolic soap. Next door, a pharmacy boasts ailments for all known diseases (even if some are a bit on the unusual side). Next, a reconstruction of a traditional late 1940s prefab; fitted out to make any 1940s housewife proud and the Anderson 'air raid' shelter stands as a silent reminder that not all is well on the home front. The BBC Comedy Dad's Army is brought to life with Captain Mainwaring's Office reconstructed for all fans of the show young and old. 

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28 April 2015 

Getting all Vintage on Harbour Radio

Darren and Grace tonight were invited along to appear on the popular online Vintage Show with the girls from "The Baker Boy Collective" on The Mischief Hour at Harbour Radio. There they spoke out about how Darren's collection began and what it has become. The future was mentioned, with the prospects of one day in the near future opening a 1940s themed tea room and coffee house twinned with the museum somewhere in Great Yarmouth.


A huge thank you to girls from "The Baker Boy Collective" and everybody at Harbour Radio.


Don't forget to tune into The Vintage Show every Tuesday night 19:00 - 22:00 on and follow them on Twitter and Facebook!


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