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About me

At the age of just 4 years old my Grandfather gave me a pile of newspapers and magazines from the 1940s; a well as this he gave me his medals. Little did I know at the time but this would be the start of something bigger than I could ever imagine.


Soon after, my Grandfather and other members of my family began sourcing and giving me all kinds of 1940s memorabilia. One day it could be a gas mask the next could be a ration book or identity card. My bedroom soon  became my very own mini museum; in which I would play tour guide to anybody who came round.


As you would expect all this memorabilia slowly began to attract unwanted smells and dust into the house. This concerned my Mother and it was then she insisted that the stuff had to be moved. And so consequently my Fathers tools and garden equipment was driven out of the workshop at the back garden.


Sadly in 2001 my Grandfather died unexpectedly but still I continued going to all kinds of car boot sales, antique shops, auctions and charity shops searching and coming back with yet more and more artifacts.


Then one day I was asked by my school at the time to give a small display for an open day event and it was at this event I was approached by somebody from the local council asking to give another display at the local library. At the event at the library I was then approached by two reporters; one from the local newspaper and one from the local news. Both reporters went onto coming around my collection which now consisted of an extra shed.


Before I knew it I was getting telephone calls, letters and invites from people from all around the country offering me all manner of things (including an original Anderson 'air raid' shelter). This lead to more phone calls etc from both national and international newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television programmes all wanting to have an interview with me and/or feature my ever growing collection!


All this by the time I was 15 years old!


So here I am 23 years old nearly on my 6th shed and a collection of artifacts from over 100 years of social and military history which is still growing and receiving more and more generous donations everyday! 


I would like to take this oppontunity to say a huge thank you to everybody who has donated to the museum and everybody who has supported me along my journey.


What is next?

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